Why you need Active Air Samplers in your Lab

Why you need active air sampler in your lab | Isolation Technology

Active air samplers: Why you need one in your lab Increasing regulation around environmental monitoring has resulted in active air samplers becoming a staple in almost every laboratory. Airborne bacteria, yeasts and moulds can severely impact pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing operations and present a real threat to product and patient safety. Although microbiological monitoring of the […]

Choosing the correct enclosure: Biological Safety Cabinet Laminar Flow or Fume Hood?

Choosing the correct enclosure for your laboratory ; Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC), Laminar Flow (LAF) or Fume Hood? | Isolation Technology

Tips when selecting the correct enclosure for your laboratory Selecting the correct enclosure for your laboratory needs can be difficult. The first problem is the sheer number of names that are associated with “clean air” or “containment” work-stations. You will hear reference to: Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC) / Biosafety Cabinets / Safety Cabinets* Class I, Class […]

Medical Supply Company broadens portfolio with acquisition of Isolation Technology

Medical Supply Company acquisition of Isolation Technology| clean air and containment service Isolation Technology

Acquisition of clean air and containment service distributor is part of our continued growth strategy  Medical Supply Company one of Ireland’s leading laboratory distributors is pleased to announce the acquisition of clean air and containment service distributor, Isolation Technology.  Following the acquisition by Medical Supply Company, Isolation technology will continue to operate independently  under the leadership of the current […]