Choosing the correct enclosure: Biological Safety Cabinet Laminar Flow or Fume Hood?

Choosing the correct enclosure for your laboratory ; Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC), Laminar Flow (LAF) or Fume Hood? | Isolation Technology

Tips when selecting the correct enclosure for your laboratory

Selecting the correct enclosure for your laboratory needs can be difficult. The first problem is the sheer number of names that are associated with “clean air” or “containment” work-stations.

You will hear reference to:

 To help you select the correct product for your needs Isolation Technology have developed a simple decision map. To utilise this tool correctly firstly you will need to answer some basics questions pertaining to your research or routine work: 

  • Defining what needs to be protected
    • Users from ‘risks’ associated with the work =  OPERATOR PROTECTION
    • What is being worked on (i.e. the sample or product) from contamination = PRODUCT PROTECTION
    • The environment from ‘risks’ associated with your work = ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION
  • Is the nature of the risk biological, chemical or both?
  • Exact details of the risk this may include biological safety level (BSL), chemicals used, quantity, duration, frequency

Download the Isolation Technology Clean Air Containment Decision Map a concise guide that will help you choose the correct enclosure for your requirements.

Please note this guide is not a substitute for a proper risk assessment. A risk assessment should always accompany the decision to purchase laboratory equipment for a new project.

Isolation Technology can supply a biological safety cabinet, laminar flow cabinet or fume hood to suit your requirements.

You can browse our full range here, or feel free to get in touch to discuss your needs with one of our technical specialists. 

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*The use of the term “Safety Cabinet” is also commonly associated with chemical storage cabinets.

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